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Tesla reportedly nears agreement to build a vehicle factory in China

June 19, 2017
 Tesla’s next Gigafactory could be in China, according to a report from Bloomberg. The electric car maker is in talks to build its vehicles in the country for the first time, and it’s nearing an agreement with the city of Shanghai to construct the manufacturing facility in a nearby industrial development zone. The final details of the agreement are still in flux, and Bloomberg… Read More

Deals: Big iPhone 7 coupon + a new PC Gaming Summer Sale

June 18, 2017

Deals: Big iPhone 7 coupon + a new PC Gaming Summer Sale Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site

You want to upgrade to the iPhone 7 but consider the $650 cost too steep for your budget. Well, that excuse is not as strong now that eBay launched a 48 hour coupon code. Select retailers are getting an extra 20% stacking discount on top of any existing savings. The result is the cheapest iPhone […]

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Lyft sets goal of 1 billion autonomous electric rides per year by 2025

June 14, 2017
 Lyft has set itself some concrete goals for its renewed commitment to the Paris climate agreement, in spite of Trump’s announcement that the U.S. as a nation would be pulling out of the accord. Those goals focus primarily on Lyft’s autonomous ambitions, and so are contingent on the ride hailing company accomplishing its self-driving vision at scale, but they’re laudable… Read More

Take a look at these first pictures of Fisker’s $130K EMotion electric car

June 5, 2017
 Henrik Fisker, who’s been teasing his new electric vehicle company after a stutter step first attempt with the original Fisker co. and the Karma, is back with the EMotion, the first car from Fisker Inc. The EMotion gets its first official eyes-on today via photos, not renders, that show us the vehicle in the aluminum and carbon fiber, finally. The car also gets its official pricing for… Read More
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