Model Bloat: 1999 Volkswagen Golf vs. 2016 VW Polo

June 20, 2017

Share Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email No, the Volkswagen Golf hasn’t shrunk: The slightly smaller, late-model hatch is a Polo — the Golf’s Euro-market not-so-little little sibling. Though positioned a class below the Golf, it’s now only slightly slimmer than the 1999 Golf, while the 2016 Golf is a significantly larger car. Nearly every automaker is […]

Michigan has quite a list of banned vanity plates

June 20, 2017

Share Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email Thinking about a vanity license plate? Know that states keep a very long list of words and phrases they won’t issue. Putting aside the First Amendment questions, the Michigan Secretary of State’s office takes vanity plates very seriously, keeping a list of some 27,401 configurations that have either been denied […]

Watch former Apple engineers and Scott Forstall discuss the creation of the iPhone

 Last night at the Computer History Museum, former New York Times reporter John Markoff interviewed some of the original engineers who work on the first iPhone that was unveiled in January 2007. Hugo Fiennes, Nitin Ganatra, and Scott Herz all talked about their own experience working on this incredible project. Then, Scott Forstall looked back at his time at the company when he was leading… Read More

Twist is Slack without the annoying distractions

 When Slack implemented threaded conversations, it seemed like the holy grail for internal communications. Slack finally lets you talk about multiple things in separate conversations. But Slack remains a real-time messaging service at heart, so threads don’t feel native. It works well for many teams, but some companies would prefer something a bit more asynchronous and focused. At the… Read More